Trócaire’s dual mandate is to support the most vulnerable people in the developing world, working in over 20 countries to deliver humanitarian assistance and long-term support to communities, whilst also raising awareness of injustice and global poverty in Ireland. In the last year alone, 2.8 million people directly benefitted from Trócaire programmes in developing countries, 1.3 million people were reached with humanitarian assistance in countries including Syria, Sudan and Myanmar and more than 600k people directly benefitted from our sustainable livelihoods programmes in 15 countries.

The support of GMT Furniture makes it possible for us to continue our long term development programmes across Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Trócaire continues to work closely with local partners in these regions to give communities control over their own lives, enabling them to meet their basic needs, attain their rights and live with dignity. In addition, we continue to respond to humanitarian emergencies. Across eastern Africa, communities in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia in particular, are experiencing the worst drought in many years. With this help, we can continue to be there for the poorest and most vulnerable communities, no matter how long it takes to build their better future.